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How much more blatantly violating does Michael Robertson of need to be to dare cops to arrests him, LMAO?

Brazen Michael Robertson owner of posts on his website the various state laws that he is violating and the cops do absolutely nothing to stop him.

Utah Bill HB 408 – Signed into law April 1, 2013 by Utah Governor Gary Herbert.

1. The bill prohibits mugshots from appearing on websites that require payment for removal.

2. It requires an individual requesting mugshot photos sign a sworn statement saying the images will not be used on those type of websites.

Michael Robertson -

Removal: $199

  • Gary Herbert
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in all due reality white collar civil is better for this type of person I do not know where he gets computer literacy. I know I have none.

but in all looks of things he owes money to a lot of people. he almost can take on the big easy or just might be dealing in cocky investments white collar runs rampant


He is running out of mugshots with me.sb118 will erase one or two hole process dismissed withheld dismissed dismissed I am the big one.


Disseminate his mugshot and activities all over the pages of the Internet


They do have courtesy dont get them mad because they will wipe you all over the Internet. They will Internet whip you.they have bad temperaments Craig's wiggens has a criminal record ended up at Wendy's no income their.Michel keesse has a criminal record but going into startups I suppose civil is better then criminal.mark I don't know were he fits in.

Public records feeds on them also.busted and mugshots online are run by an x Juvenal.

Delinquent. I guess other arrest makes look not so bad


Thomas Herbert Keesee and Marc Gary Epstein of South Florida are the TRUE owners!!

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