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I have recently relocated and have been having a terrible time getting a job. I googled myself to see what potential employers may be seeing and found a mugshot of myself from over ten years ago. The arrest came from a domestic dispute and I was held for a few hours and not charged. listed I had a bond of $850.00 which is not true. I have contacted them and made them aware that I was a victim of domestic violence and was not charged. I have not heard back.

I have come across a few blogs of people who are encountering similar difficulties with with these types of websites mentioning that a class action should be started but no links or information concerning if one has been started. I would like any information regarding starting one. is so inept that they have listed Amy Fisher as killing Joey Buttafuco's wife. It was well publicized that Amy Fischer shot Mary Jo Buttafuco in the head and she lived.

It's not uncommon for the police to mistakenly arrest someone. Now these mistakes will be viewed as convictions. This is the worst violation of due process of law on a grand scale in the history of our justice department and the victims of police officers having a bad day, mistaken arrests, false reports made by an abusive partner and mistaken identity will continue to be victimized.

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mugshots uses pics to damage you. Some have them busy on theirs the good thing these people are lone wolves they are alone so reputation is not the factor ;


Welcome to alliance war on America through computer

Pensacola, Florida, United States #1344328

Thomas Herbert Keesee is being sued over by Peter Gabiola in federal court.


Attorney Mark Randazza sells First Amendment rights to the highest paying defamer on this website. He works with Attorney Rogelio Garcia who lies to judges so he can be free to rape and maim.

They have mugshot extortion websites, std websites and offer legal services for removal. These men are running a network of defamation websites and have reputation removal services at the same hosting companies. Mark Randazza owns this or sold it to Garcia.

Let's report these people to the bar. Enough is enough.


Attorney Rogelio Garcia stop stalking me online and posting about me. We made an agreement and you have breeched it.

I am tired of this ***. If you continue to post links of the production you made of me online I will be forced to explain my side of the story to the public. You want that?

We can settle this in court apparently. In the meantime you can get to work removing what you have posted.

Houston, Texas, United States #840018

Ahhh, now I know why Pissed Consumer was listed as a defendant. You were paranoid I would find this.

Guess what I haven't been Googling myself or paying attention to these alerts. I did get the Facebook alert right when you posted there however. So ***! I did not have to agree to not write the truth of my experiences with you.

I had everything removed that I possibly could and you had to be a poor sport. Pretty classless. After getting hit with a 5 million dollar lawsuit by you it was brought to my attention you have continued to post about me and quite brazenly as well. My mugshot being online is a perfect example of why it shouldn't be.

A psycho like you that knows way to much about how to file lawsuits and manipulate the law can use this information and try to persecute someone with it. Your not supposed be using your power for your own gain dude get it? Not like this. Ever heard of an eye for an eye and no more than and eye?

Don't make me start shrinking you openly about what kind of man your father was and how your filling his shoes. You paying money or spending quite a bit of time preparing a video about my father and then try to sue me for what you say about your mother is disturbing. This is what's really sad is that you don't even seem to realize everything you have posted is going to be attributed to you. Do you really think a reasonable person will believe otherwise?

And whomever in your camp is sending out texts claiming to be secret accounts from me straighten them out please. I'll publish more to protect myself and I'll cheer myself up by making as much fun of you as possible while I am at it. I have to laugh or I'll cry you know.

Start thinking about doing the right thing please. There is never going to be a reward for either of us you know and I resent having to give you attention.


I think mbvv that mug shot is the least of your worries....

to anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #831510

Yes I know. I have someone psychotically stalking me online.


This is MBVV vandalizing home and property her name is

Mariann Bacharach


This *** MBVV, Mariann Bacharach is a walking criminal wave. Google her she is all over the internet.


I recently learned that a life long friend had lost a daughter it a traffic accident. I googled the name To find information about the funeral service, interment, and general information about the lost loved one.

The first thing that is displayed is a arrest mug shot of the victim. One can imagine the heartbreak of a parent, child, husband, or relative on a a site that shows arrest pictures. Having to know that people are seeing these images that while you are bereaved, is callous and just down right cruel.

I would like to know what processes are available to families and friends to remove these images after the death of someone. I will contact our State Attorney General to recommend legislation to make it expensive and expedeint to remove pictures of anyone who has died.

to Camaro Guy Valdez, Alaska, United States #594628

Why would you want legislation to make it expensive to remove mugshots of the deceased?!


From your original post "This is the worst violation of due process of law" and as a part of the constitution, that is the basis of our legal system, and to go against it is what we call "illegal".

And as I said, this is public record posting, and would be covered under such rules as "free speech" and "freedom of the press"

And, yea a lot of people who lose to the Bruins pray for him to go to ***, but as I don't work for either nor am I on the Bruins, I'd say you can pray all you want for me to go to ***, as that's your right of free speech as a reaction to my own right.

Question:What do you say to a woman with 2 black eyes?

Answer:Nothing you already told her twice


So many people are praying for you to burn in ***. You are the true ***.

Your actions are coldly and calculatingly drawn. Karma will get all of you.


What did I say was illegal? Typical *** blaming a victim.

I guess your happy with how you make money and find nothing "scummy" about profiting from the misfortunes of others. Legal or not.


It's not even remotely illegal, it's just another forum of public records. Maybe next time don't get arrested? And before you say "I was a victim" I say, don't become involved with ***?

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