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Attorneys on Avvo have made the comments below. Would they have made these comments if it was them or their children on I don't think so!

"The mugshot is public information. Anyone could have looked it up as soon as the government publicized it. It could have been printed in the paper or broadcast on tv. A radio announcer could have described it."

"Mugshots are public records of the actions of the government. It is lawful everywhere in the U.S., so far as I know, to publish documents and photographs that are public records of the actions of the government. People are apoplectic about the existence of these mugshot sites but they are an unfortunately humiliating byproduct of open government and the First Amendment. "

"When the police book you and take your photo after your arrest, that photo is a governmental document. We live in a democratic country where most governmental documents are not secret and anyone can obtain a copy. "

"Unfortunately, it is public record. There are services where you can pay for removal for a fee. There is not much you can do because it is public record and you were arrested."

"Sorry, but the pictures are public record and they can be posted online. We have had a half-dozen or more questions asking this very same question. The answer is the same and the answer is that this is totally legal. If you want to stop this you will have to change the law in your state. Until then, as long as the pictures are public record there is little you can do."

"it appears to be legal. One way to view it is via 1st Amendment protections that would apply to a newspaper or radio station. In our small community, every non-juvenile arrest goes to the 8:00 AM radio and in the newspapes. Some news stories include the mug shot."

"the website is within its rights to post the mugshot"

" and other mug shot display websites base their existence on the rule that mug shots are public, official records, and that a citizen does not have a state law privacy interest in them. Further, under the First Amendment, most official, public records can be obtained with permission, third-party release, or proper request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), if they are not already publicly-available documents to begin with.

If the official mug shot is part of an arrest record, the mug shot could be considered part of the public domain in some jurisdictions. Even if a mug shot is not officially considered part of an arrest record, it is generally a photographic record in the public domain and the laws of most jurisdictions allow one to request and obtain these types of records.

Some states recognize a common law right to privacy, and the Appeals Courts are split on whether or not a citizen who is arrested (and of course, presumed innocent until proven guilty) would be entitled to demand that their mug shots be removed from websites if they are later acquitted., in particular, offers a courtesy removal process in certain instances, although they vehemently protect these options as a mere courtesy, and not a legal requirement."

Michael J Robertson owns

Michael Robertson owns

Mike Robertson owns

Who owns Michael Robertson owns

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well in the begging a certain group of people were very angry about not being able to they made a plan for circumstantial evidence along with what they consider to be truthful. this wins a lot of cases.

they also wanted a posting of mugshots regardless so they can execute their safe place domain. regardless of any conviction or not.

all is convicted in their eyes. mugshots are their to display that.


Here is the real kick in the teeth. Every courthouse has a computer that will give you public access to all the PA files.

ANYONE CAN VIEW IT!!! The only way those sites are breaking the law is if they post NON PUBLIC info. Yes it’s embarrassing but there is a reality to face. The people who’s pictures have been taken have been arrested.

While yes the courts presume innocence and so should every person. The reality is those ppl did something to get arrested. Basic math where one plus one equals fish doesn’t apply. Given the fact that an arrest was made and it’s goverment property makes ALL of the info public.

The best course of action is to live a good normal life and avoid the police and situations that would have the outcome involving crimes. Yes it blows but it’s legal and even more so until they take even more freedoms from us. It’s a downside to freedom. You have to roll with it because the alternative is no freedoms.

So many ppl get arrested that eventually they have to delete info to keep up to date information. There is a good chance that your info will drop off their site.

But if it doesn’t you really have no one to blame except YOUR BEHAVIOR!!!! That is the most basic reality to face.


This site has the photo and very old information of my brother who has been DEAD since 1996. This is an outrage and I intend to have my attorney REACH his arm to Florida and the West Indies if need be!


Thomas Herbert Keesee and Marc Gary Epstein are the current owners.


Anyone wanting to start a class action lawsuit against send a e-mail to please make sure that you document everything before you do. Take pictures or screen shots of information posted on you and make several copies. NOW ITS TIME

Bemidji, Minnesota, United States #1209901

Contact the IRS, I'm sure the are evading taxes. That's what I was told.


Those arrested have already paid the price for what they did. This man is exploiting these individuals.

You say the pics are public record, but when they are released from jail and time or fines is served, the mugshots should not be available. They have served the lawful punishment. This is exploitation, and I hope this Michael Robertson is punished by law or by someone whose picture he won't remove.

Low life sick way to make a buck by exploiting others. But guess what, you can't make excuses to God when you die, and you will, for exploiting others and making a buck for doing nothing but stealing pictures.

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